CorteX Racing

Suspension is the “Core” “Tech” for Performance

Because the status quo was not good enough…

It began with a pursuit of suspension products for our own cars, but when the after-market didn’t offer the quality and performance level components we were after, we applied professional engineering methods to design a new line of best-in-class motorsports parts ourselves.

CorteX purpose-built suspension kits serve everything from hod rod enthusiasts, to club track days, to professional racers.

Optimized Pro-Touring

Project Xecution Mustang- Winner Best Domestic SEMA Grand Turismo

Purpose-Built Suspension Systems


Hot Rod and American Muscle Specialists

Passion for cars can be seen in our build projects. Our passion for best-in-class has led to a full catalog of one of a kind suspension parts essential to dominate.

More than Ford Mustang experts, CorteX delivers suspension upgrade parts for across Chevy, GM, Shelby, Mercury, Nissan…

Professional Engineering Difference

Unlike most retailers, CorteX Racing designs, tests and manufactures our line of professionally engineered suspension products in the U.S.A.

Attention to weight, durability and geometry are prioritized for strong reliable components that deliver a complete handling transformation.

At CorteX we design, build and race what we sell.

Many aftermarket parts are designed for mainly for looks, not performance. Cheap materials, design weaknesses and lack of understanding of impact to the complete car geometry will inevitably reduce your performance, and increase the likelihood of catastrophic failure.

Support Expertise

With expertise in aerospace, energy and mechanical design, the licensed professional engineers at CorteX apply these same rigorous methods when designing our advanced automotive aftermarket parts and your car build.

Our experienced team can help you unleash greater potential for the competitive edge.

Unmatched Durability, Easy Installation

Only professional engineering methods can enable suspension system designs that are lighter, stronger and simple to install. Believe it or not, it takes a lot of complexity to make things this simple to use.

Watts link kit DIY ease with CorteX for Mustang

Unparalleled Quality, Excellent Value

CorteX designs not only look good, they are designed to win. This leads to a higher standard of product optimization.

Driving to Win Since 2009

History – We officially launched as a retailer in 2009 in Idaho, and grew into the CorteX Racing’s R&D facility located at Sonoma Raceway in Northern California. In 2019 we expanded CorteX East with our retail and install shop in Ohio. Today, many retailers and installers are available globally.

Complete Project Partner

Choose CorteX for top products, and build expertise.

Whether modifying your daily driver or a dedicated competition racecar, our experience with complete custom builds can help you to make the right decisions, choosing the right mods.

Unlike most online businesses, we are a true partner, as passionate about your dream car project as you are.

Whether or not CorteX parts are the ideal choice, you can count us to authentically help you make the best investment decisions for your desired outcome.

Installation, Engineering, Modeling, Fabrication

Looking for the unfair advantage? CorteX can provide structural optimization services, fabrication and 3D modeling to turn your dream car build vision into reality.


Leader in Mustang Suspension Systems

Never Settle, “good enough” will not do if you want to be the best.