Because the status quo was not good enough, CorteX Precision Technology was born.

CorteX Racing began with a pursuit of products we wanted on our own cars. When no one in this industry offered what we were after, we went out and engineered it ourselves. Our passion is to provide best-in-class, optimized, professional caliber motorsports parts to the enthusiast and professional.

Our goal is to create automotive parts that will outperform all others at an excellent value.


CorteX Racing is primarily a development house and manufacturer of professionally engineered suspension products available both through our online store and our extensive dealer network. Additionally, select pre-qualified automotive products from other manufacturers are featured, in areas we do not otherwise cover.

Commitment to our own car projects led to the development of novel suspension parts essential for your road racer.

Since 2001, we have been engineering and developing racing parts and technologies; CorteX was founded in 2009.

CorteX Racing is based out of Boise, Idaho and our R&D facility is located at Infineon Raceway in Northern California.

Meet the crew: here.


At CorteX Racing, we strive to produce never before seen products for the performance automotive industry through application of professional engineering methods.

With expertise in aerospace, nuclear, and mechanical design, CorteX Racing applies tools and technology from these industries to advance automotive aftermarket parts to their true potential.

The CorteX RADIAL X Spindle is currently featured on many cars dating back to 2010. Check out our customer’s cars: here.

Looking for the unfair advantage? CorteX Racing can offer structural optimization services and 3D modeling to turn your vision into reality.

Are YOU driven to win? If you have a vision, contact CorteX and we can help.

Never settle. Because “good enough” will not do if you want to be the best.