K&N 2013 Mustang Featuring Cortex Suspension Wins at Buttonwillow

K&N NASA American Iron Mustang takes home the win at Buttonwillow in both Saturday’s and Sunday’s race and setting new track records in the process. Skilled driver Ryan Walton the walks away from the field driving the 2013 Mustang equipped with a CorteX Racing watts link, torque arm, lower control arm, front SLA system, and JRi double adjustable coilover damper. Learn more about this incredible car here.

CorteX 2017 GT350R


CorteX was able to secure a 2017 GT350R and we intend to use it to showcase many existing products that have been developed over the past couple of years for the S550 platform as well as for development of a few new advanced technologies.

The Mod List

Wheels & Tires
• HRE FF15 Flowform Wheels, 19×11-inch (front) and 19×11-inch (rear)
• Nitto NT01 Tires, 305/30ZR-19 (front) and 305/30ZR-19 (rear)


Chassis and Suspension

  • CorteX magneride tuning module
  • Adjustable front and rear anti roll bars with adjustable end-links
  • Front caliper stud kit


  • Schroth six-point harnesses
  • CorteX Racing Harness bar



Live News Feed – CorteX Racing

What’s New at CorteX

2 days ago

CorteX Racing

In observance of Good Friday CorteX will be open and doing what we love - work on cars and supporting our customer. ... See MoreSee Less

In observance of Good Friday CorteX will be open and doing what we love - work on cars and supporting our customer.


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A good Friday, indeed. Nice powdercoat there...

...doing God's work.

4 days ago

CorteX Racing

We are excited to announce the addition of Aim Data Aquistion products! Call us today for your customized quote! ... See MoreSee Less

We are excited to announce the addition of Aim Data Aquistion products! Call us today for your customized quote!


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I almost went to work for this company! Great products!

5 days ago

CorteX Racing

We were on our way home from Daytona when this happened! Super honored to be building a custom SLA front suspension for Caleb Bush while he serves our country overseas! Thanks to the guys at MV Performance for hanging around late for us to pickup the car! ... See MoreSee Less

We were on our way home from Daytona when this happened!  Super honored to be building a custom SLA front suspension for Caleb Bush while he serves our country overseas!  Thanks to the guys at MV Performance for hanging around late for us to pickup the car!Image attachmentImage attachment


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Who makes the fender flares? Fo they make them for fix cars?

You guys are awesome! I'm super excited to be apart of something like this.

Please advise on the SLA for SN-95. I need this for my ‘99 Cobra track car.

6 days ago

CorteX Racing

We built this beautiful 07 California Special for our customer Dave Pulley in 8 weeks including picking it up in Cheyenne, Wyoming and delivering it to him at Daytona International Speedway! Trackside crew and support service included of course. Let us make your car dreams come true for you too!!! ... See MoreSee Less


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Let see it run

What spoiler is that? Beautiful build!

That doesn't suck

1 week ago

CorteX Racing

Getting ready to hit the high banks!!! ... See MoreSee Less


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No, we built this car from the ground up over the last 8 weeks. It has 1000+RWHP, a CorteX custom sheet metal 9", CorteX Torque Arm and Watts link. SLA, carbon brakes, etc.....

Is this the s197 with the irs swap?

Please post videos of it on track. Looks like a great build


Black Friday Week Offers at CorteX Racing



Valid through Nov 30

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$300 off CorteX Single Adj. Coilovers w/ JRi dampers

Includes Camber plates, springs, and all hardware necessary for installation. Optional offset struts for 315mm tire fitment front and rear available!

2005-2014 S197
only $3395
2015-2016 S550
only $3495

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ElginRacing Wins 2015 Devil in the Dark 12 Hour Endurance Race

Millville, NJ (April 25, 2015) – ElginRacing finished first overall in the 6th Annual Devil in the Dark 12 hour endurance race at New Jersey Motorsports Park. This victory continues ElginRacing’s successful endurance racing record as Greg Obadia, David Jacobs and Todd Lamb stood on the top step of the podium after completing 418 laps in their #00 Ford Mustang BOSS 302R.

ElginRacing Crew


Forty teams from around the country competed on April 24-25, 2015. In Friday night’s qualifying session, Greg Obadia put the car on the pole with a lap time of 1:26.150. The green flag dropped on Saturday at 11:55 am with David Jacobs behind the wheel for ElginRacing. Jacobs, Obadia and Lamb rotated driving duties approximately every one and half hours to replenish fuel and change tires during the twelve hour race. ElginRacing finished the race with a 16-lap lead ahead of the second place highly competitive #28 Johnstone Supply BMW that was uncharacteristically hampered by a mechanical issue.


Back of the Pace Car

The MEATHEAD Racing crew, directed by Mike Collins, preformed lightning-quick pit stops. ElginRacing’s Car Chief Jimmy Padgett ensured that the car ran with 100 percent reliability throughout the grueling twelve hours. Francois Bru, team strategist, played a critical role in analyzing lap times and developing pit stop and pace strategies. ElginRacing’s preparation and offseason development were key to winning the race as some of our toughest competitors.


“Our win today is a tribute to the hard work of the SCCA volunteers and the professionalism exhibited by each of our competitors, making The Devil in the Dark a great event,” said Ben Jacobs of ElginRacing. “On any other day we might not be so lucky.”


Finish LineElginRacing’s BOSS 302R made its endurance debut one year ago winning the SCCA’s2014 Devil in the Dark 12-hour race. The driving team of Jacobs, Obadia and Lamb also took the overall win of the Charge of the Headlight Brigade 13-hour Enduro race in October 25, 2014 at VIRginia International Raceway. The ElginRacing-prepared Ford Mustang BOSS 302R platform has proven itself by winning all three of the endurance races ElginRacing has entered. ElginRacing would like to recognize CorteX Racing for their support.


ElginRacing posted updates, images and videos from the race on its Facebook page: www.facebook.com/elginracing.

Top Step of Podium



About  ElginRacing



ElginRacing’s  priority    is    perfection.    Passion    for    all    things    motor    sports    is    what     drives  us.    Always    focused    on    building    contemporary    racecars    and  award-­‐winning     vintage  cars  to  the    highest  standard,    ElginRacing  has  extended  its    pursuit    of     excellence  to    competitive    motor    racing.    Evolving    over    more    than    five    decades    of     episodic  automotive    and    motorcycle    engagements,    clarity    of    purpose    has    become     the  cornerstone    of    ElginRacing.      ElginRacing    is  based  in  Bethesda,    MD  and  a     longstanding  member    of    the    Washington    DC    Region    (WDCR)    of    the    Sports    Car    Club     of  America    (SCCA).


Article courtesy of ElginRacing.



Spring 2014 – Barber Motorsports Park – Dean Martin, driver of the #50 Rehagen Racing Mustang Boss 302 liked what he saw. There was a talent working hard to breakout and become the best that he could. He had seen Nate on other occasions but this was the first time he was able to watch him race. It was no surprise to Dean when Nate took to the podium weeks later at Ca-nadian Tire Motorsport Park (Mosport), and he was the first to text his congratulations after the race.



Fast forward to March 2015 at the Circuit of the Americas where all classes have gathered for the season opener. Mike Stacy happened to cross paths with Dean in the paddock and mentioned that he would really love to get Nate into a competitive GTS Car. Dean had a solution, Rehagen Racing has been building, preparing and providing “Turn-Key” Mustangs since 2007 and would love to work with Nate and Stacy Racing. Over the next few hours, the two discussed the possibility. A few more meetings and a one race deal came together, Nate will be making his GTS debut with Rehagen Racing at Barber Motorsports Park.

“I’m excited to provide Nate this opportunity to drive a competitive car in GTS. Since I will be racing my new GTS Mustang Boss 302S at Barber, the car that I won with at St Petersburg is the car that we have made available to Nate for Barber. I’ve been watching Nate drive for the past few years and he has been very impressive. I’m really looking forward to seeing Nate run in the very competitive GTS class.” – Dean Martin

“I’ve known Dean a few years now, and we started talking in March I knew that he and Rehagen Racing was the right place to go. This opportunity fell into place and they worked with us to make it happen. They are great to work with and have shown us such great support pre-race that I am confident that Nate will do well at Barber. ” – Mike Stacy

About Nate Stacy Racing

Nate Stacy Racing is a Pro Race Team based out of Owasso, Oklahoma. They currently race in the Pirelli World Challenge, COMMA and NASA Pro Racing series. At 14 years old, Nate is currently the youngest Pro Driver in World Challenge history, finishing second in the Driver’s Championship in 2014. You can follow Nate Stacy Racing on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

About Rehagen Racing – Multi Championship Winners in Grand -Am and American Iron

What do Ford Motor Company engineers do in their spare time? Go racing! At least that’s what Rehagen Racing’s partners Larry Rehagen and Dean Martin do. Over the past 30 years, Rehagen Racing’s staff has been comprised primarily of current and ex-Ford Motor Company employees. Their intimate knowledge of Ford Mustangs has no doubt factored into their success. The knowledge they’ve acquired through decades of racing Ford’s pony car not only increases their chance of success each race weekend, but has culminated in the development of their turn-key club racing/track day cars. The Team continues to campaign there FR500C Mustangs, but has now added the BOSS 302R and 302S platforms to their arsenal. For more information on Rehagen Racing go to: www.rehagenracing.com


Article courtesy of Nate Stacy Racing.



Article courtesy of Ford Performance



Dean Martin leads the field in St Petersburg Pirelli World Challenge GTS Race 2015.


There are great weekends, and then there is the weekend the Mustang Boss 302 drivers enjoyed in the Pirelli World Challenge series at the Grand Prix of St. Petersburg.

Dean Martin got things rolling by leading a 1-2-3 Mustang sweep of Friday’s GTS race, finishing ahead of Kurt Rezzetano and Spencer Pumpelly, all of whom piloted Mustang Boss 302 cars.

Pumpelly then found his way to Victory Lane in Saturday’s GTS event, winning ahead of Andrew Aquilante, Rezzetano, and Martin, as the Boss crowd lived up to his name by taking the top four places.

“We learned a lot yesterday,” said Pumpelly after Saturday’s victory. “One of the things we learned was to really attack on the start. We did that today.

“It’s good to be back and have success this weekend. I have to thank the guys for the effort on the Mustang. This win is up there with my other big wins and it is a really special deal.”

Martin claimed his fifth career Pirelli World Challenge win Friday with all of his series victories coming on street courses. With a fastest lap of the race at 1:19.841, Martin earned the pole for Saturday’s Round 4 race.

“It’s always nice when you can qualify on pole position and then lead flag-to-flag with the fastest lap,” said Martin. “The street courses are such that when you are up front it’s tough to pass so you just want to stay there.

“The Mustang is great on the street courses. My style works on street courses, and we talk about it, I have a low self preservation factor. You have to ignore the fact that the walls are there and don’t’ get intimidated. Because if something happens on the street course with the walls, you are a pancake. You just have to have faith in the car. With the Mustang, every time I go to the brake or throttle I know its going to be there.”


Welcome to CorteX Racing.  This video tells of who we are, what we do, and our commitment to engineering the best suspension components for Ford Mustangs and other cars.

2015 SEMA Mustang GT


CorteX Racing made a name for itself with a cutting-edge SLA suspension package for the S197 Mustang. The company set out to build a two-door sports car that would mop the floor with anything from America, Asia, or Europe on a road course, but its 2015 Mustang has a higher standard to live up to, and that’s the last-generation Mustangs that Cortex created.

“We have a tough reputation to uphold since our suspension package for the 2005-2014 S197 Mustang was refined and handles amazingly well. In fact it is good enough to run with Europe’s finest supercars. People might be shocked to hear me say that it could take a while for an upgraded 2015 S550 to equal the performance of our 2014 Mustangs with the Xtreme Grip suspension systems installed,” Filip Trojanek Partner/Founder at Cortex, said. “After upgrading our 2015 Mustang GT with our new coil-over package, adjustable sway bars, bump-steer kit, and massive brakes it becomes a capable track-day car, while being much more comfortable than any S197 Mustang we have built to that level with similar parts.”

That said, CorteX still set out to improve upon the all-new suspension under the S550 chassis. With the refinements already provided by Ford, the platform proved a perfect basis for a performance-oriented vehicle for The SEMA Show.

“We are a suspension company and cater to both the street enthusiast as well as the professional road racer. While most other builders will likely focus their SEMA builds on decadent, blingy parts and market hype, we wanted to build an S550 that had real-world parts people are going to want for improving the handling of the 2015 Mustang they already have or are about taking delivery of,” Filip said. “The car you see here was built in about six weeks. The changes have been extremely effective and have dramatically transformed the handling of the car. With that said, our work is not finished. We have only just begun to explore the potential of this new chassis. That is truly a satisfying, yet exciting direction to be headed.”

That’s not to say that they left the rest of the car alone. Quite to the contrary, the CorteX 2015 Mustang sports an aggressive road-racing look highlight be visual upgrades like a next-gen Tiger Racing hood, CorteX/G-Stream carbon front splitter, CDC spoilers, and a set of HRE FF15 Flowform Wheels.

Once this car is done representing the CorteX brand on the trade-show floor, this 2015 GT will hit the road attending various events—from shows to races—where Filip can show off the car’s full capabilities.

“We plan to drive the car a lot and attend as many events as possible. The car might even be used as a daily driver to put a lot of street miles on our parts. CorteX is a relatively new company and we are going to us this car to create brand awareness and to show people how well our products really do work,” he said. “You will likely find our 2015 Mustang at a road course event or even a drag strip several times a month as we test our products and show people that a Mustang with CorteX Xtreme-Grip is a world-class performer. What 1LE? What Z28?”

While the Cortex team is out displaying and demonstrating this combination, they will still be working on more new products for this all-new Mustang.

“We will definitely continue refining the S550 platform and bring the products we are already using on this car to market, including coil-over shocks, adjustable sway bars, control arm and subframe bushings, alignment products for toe control and camber adjustment plates, and chassis lightening components,” Filip added.

The Mod List

• Vortech V-3 Si centrifugal supercharger
• Air-to-air intercooler
• Borla stainless cat-back exhaust with S-type mufflers

• CorteX Racing, Xtreme-Grip complete front coil over suspension system featuring JRi dampers
• CorteX Racing, Xtreme-Grip rear coil-over suspension featuring JRi dampers
• Hypercoil springs
• CorteX Racing bump-steer adjustment system
• Brembo, Racing four-piston XB105 Calipers with full-floating, 380x34mm rotors
• Adjustable front and rear anti roll bars with adjustable end-links

Wheels & Tires
• HRE FF15 Flowform Wheels, 20×10-inch (front) and 20×11-inch (rear)
• Michelin Pilot Super Sport Tires, 285/30ZR-20 (front) and 305/30ZR-20 (rear)

• Tiger Racing Extractor carbon louvered hood
• CorteX/G-Stream carbon front splitter
• Classic Design Concepts rear deck spoiler
• Classic Design Concepts rear roof spoiler
• Paint and graphics by Eric Reyes Design
• Addition paint by Blake’s Auto Body

• Sabelt racing seats
• Sabelt six-point harnesses
• Four-point roll bar with removable harness bar by CorteX Racing
• Custom adjusting seat mounts by CorteX Racing

2015 Mustang S550 Parts

Current Parts:
CorteX – JRi Xtreme-Grip Coil-Over System, Double Adjustable, 2015 Mustang S550
CorteX – Xtreme-Grip Coil-Over System, Koni Single Adjustable, 2015 Mustang S550
CorteX – Bolt-In Roll Cage, 4-point
CorteX – Bump Steer Kit
Anti-roll Bar Link, Adjustable
BREMBO GT Front Brake System, 2015 Ford Mustang S550, Slotted, 6 Piston, 380mm 2-Piece
Borla Mustang GT 2015 Cat-Back™ Exhaust
Eibach Anti-Roll Front/Rear Sway Bar Kit
Tiger Racing Louvered Hood 2015
Vortech Supercharger Systems – Pre Order
Wheel Stud kit, 2015 Ford Mustang, Front and Rear

CorteX 2014 Mustang GT Track Pack