Xtreme-Grip™ Coil-Over System, Rear, 2005-2014 Mustang S197, JRi Dbl Adjustable


SKU: SHK-40-1000-JRI-DA


CorteX Racing has developed Mustang-specific line of coil-overs based on years of street driving and track testing.


Developed from Race-Winning Technology

This JRi coil-over system applies race-winning technology to your vehicle by providing precision chassis control, ride height and geometry alignment.

Installation is straightforward as coil-over hardware, springs, and all mounting brackets are included. With longevity and performance as priorities, all components use high-grade materials ideal for the application with durable finishes. Damper valving has been optimized and will take you to the next level of performance.


  • JRi Double Adjustable dampers
  • Springs and appropriate valving
  • Coil over hardware
  • Mounting brackets and hardware



Xtreme-Grip Coil-Over System– REAR, JRi Double Adjustable


Vehicles: 2005-2014 Mustang S197 

JRi Double Adjustable shocks have a wide range of adjustment suitable for a vehicle that sees the track often while also driven on the street. Spring rates are customizable depending on the primary use of the vehicle.

JRi shocks are designed specifically for the demands of performance with street drivability.


  • Low friction seals
  • Base valve design
  • Gas charged
  • Floating shaft bearing
  • 2.5″ coilover kit


  • Penske 7500 DA Rear Dampers
  • Penske 8300 DA Rear Dampers
  • Penske 8760 3-way Rear Dampers
  • Ohlins TTX36 and TTX36IL Rear Dampers

Additional information

Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 10 × 5 in


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