Race Car Mods

Pro Competition Class.

For purpose built racing components engineered to win the podium, you need reduced weight, lower unsprung mass, and optimized installation for a performance…

Pro-Level Design & Performance

CorteX Racecar Suspension Systems are exactly as you would expect, for race cars. These are not street driven and get trailered to tracks for wheel-to-wheel competition or time trials.

Competition Use Only

Since purpose-built competition cars are stripped of all non-essentials (such as interiors) to reduce weight, consequently; components in the CorteX Racing category are not ideally suited for loads of a full weight street vehicle (such as a heavily optioned, iron-blocked GT500 running on racing slicks).

Racecar vs. Track Systems

While our “Track Suspension” components can (and are often) used on cars that compete on track with proven performance, we have specifically purpose-built the design, range of adjustments, installation requirements (welding) and lower unsprung mass of our “Racecar” use category to optimally deliver handling and endurance in the professional racing class.

A Build Partner with Track Expertise

More than professional engineers and drivers, our combined team of support has delivered track-side support over several decades affording us the experience to support your racing goals with an optimized build.

Priceless Support

Knowing the extreme conditions first-hand, CorteX is equipped to support your racing goals. Our customers work with use for quality parts first, and often learn that expert advise proves invaluable.

Your suspension is the core of performance, it can make or break your success in competition.

Knowing the importance precision adjustments can deliver, our Xtreme-Grip™ Racecar suspension systems are designed for maximum fine-tuning ease combined with proven endurance.

CorteX Congratulates Roger Eagleton Trans Am GT Champion 2019

CorteX Racing in Action on Track