Engineering | Simulation | Fabrication

CorteX innovates our novel technologies in house, with comprehensive testing of structures and mechanisms to optimize weight, durability and geometry.


Professional Engineering

jongbloed-305_stress02_blackRigor including Finite Elemental Analysis (FEA) is applied to create highly optimized, light, yet extremely durable parts. FEA can be used to accurately model the behaviors of structures under a variety of conditions.

FEA allows a trained engineer to both lighten and strengthen a component

(Image above) Low stress (blue colored) areas of a component may be lightened while high stress (yellow to red color) are pushing beyond there limit and require reinforcement to strengthen.

Without correcting weakness, under high stress conditions this will likely result in issues. It could mean a part is not very stiff, has a short service life, or even prone to catastrophic failure.


Modern Computer Aided Engineering (CAE)

Kinematic simulation tools are ideal to solve simple and complex mechanism challenges, determining loads and generating complex motion profiles that aid in the design decision process.

3D Modeling Design


We can transform your vision into reality. First, a digital model with CAD, 3D modeling software and finally, into production or fabrication.

Structural Analysis to Optimize Design


Custom Fabrication

CorteX Engineering Expertise

Our professional backgrounds are in structural and mechanical optimization. Our passion, is cars.

  • Complete Suspension Systems
  • Automotive Component Design
  • Mechanisms
  • Roll Cage Weight and CG optimization
  • Materials Selection
  • Stack-up Tolerance Analysis
  • Thermal Strain Evaluations
  • Stiffness and Strength Optimization
  • Sensitivity Analysis
  • Concept Feasibility Reviews
  • Project Management
  • Manufacturing Process Optimization
  • Fastener sizing
  • Fluid line sizing and material selection