The Core Tech for Peformance

No matter how you will drive, the suspension system is the backbone of your car’s capabilities.

The suspension system design and materials can make or break a car’s success in Motorsports.

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Don’t settle for cheap kits that only deliver a pro “appearance”, when CorteX delivers suspension kits proven to completely transform grip and handling, at an unmatched value.

Types of Suspension Components

A Watts Link System allows the roll stiffness of the suspension to be changed. Our Xtreme-Grip™ system enables precise balancing of the front-to-rear grip so that the desired handling can be achieved. Read More



Internally, a strut is similar to a shock absorber. A piston is attached to the end of the piston rod and works against hydraulic fluid to control spring and suspension movement. Front struts from CorteX are optimized with the correct spring rates and valving suitable for either Street or Track use. Read More



Ideally used along with front struts, The Xtreme-Grip rear coil-overs have been designed for maintain bump travel even with the vehicle lower. Spring rates and valving has been carefully optimized in Street or Track kits. Read More



No longer just for racing, with a properly engineered complete coil-over system from CorteX you will have spring rates and valving suitable for street or track applications. Read More



The Xtreme-Grip torque arm is a rear suspension component that delivers unsurpassed corner exit and straight-line rear grip without sacrificing cornering agility. The CorteX design adds anti-squat while still having correct rear axle roll steer.  Read More



The correct spindles are essential to a dialed front suspension. Much more than just what the control arms bolt to, the spindle design and strength dramatically effects the geometry and handling. Read More



Lowered cars greatly benefit from correcting the rear Lower Control Arm (LCA) geometry to regain the anti-squat geometry essential for traction. Read More



Compared to a front strut suspension, the CorteX SLA has superior camber gain, roll center stability and in most cases additional tire clearance. Read More



We design, build and race what we sell. If you demand more grip, cornering speed and responsiveness, choose CorteX for a DIY mod or a complete build of your dream Hot Rod, American Muscle, Pro Touring or Track car. 

CorteX Racing developed purpose-built Suspension System kits for motorsports optimized for street, track and race set-ups

Professionally engineered, quality US materials, built in-house, proven durability