Coilover Systems

At CorteX, there are several option for coilover dampers. We have taken the time to ensure our coil overs work perfectly on the street with the rest of our suspension components. We optimized the valving and spring rates. We have also designed them to have adequate travel at the lowered right height to ensure the suspension does not bottom out.

Street coilovers have spring rates and valving suitable for street driving with treaded tires.  Softer spring rates are required for both ride comfort and also to maximize the mechanical grip available from less than sticky race tires. On mustang with solid rear axles the motion ratio in bump is different than the motion ratio in roll. The further the springs and shock can be moved toward the tires the closer bump and roll motion ratios come to each other allowing a more harmonious balance.  Well designed coilover are better able to provide a compliant ride than separate dampers with coil spring mounted further inboard on the axle housing. Our coilovers allow for softer spring rates with more roll resistance minimizing unsprung weight. Read More
Track coilovers have spring rates and valving suitable for track driving with competition rated tires. Competition tires are generally have a tread rating of less than 100 but are typically DOT approved.  These tires can handling spring rates nearly as stiff as racing slicks although the car the utilize them may still be at full street weight and used for dual purpose. Our Track coilover are primarily focused on performance rather than ride comfort or NVH. Read More
Race coilovers are for dedicated race cars that are not street driven.  They may also only allow racing alignments with higher camber angles and require lower ride heights be set for the vehicle. Spring rates are optimized for racing slicks not hard street tires. The dampers may also need more frequent maintenance features that are intended to keep dirt away are not included since they increase friction ultimately affecting handling. Read More
Spec Mustang coil overs are a track coilover that is specifically configure to meet the Spec Mustang SMG rules.  The come with the required spring rates and valving that comply with SCCA series rules. Read More