Front Struts


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Coil-over shocks and struts have gotten a bad reputation in the mustang market as being too harsh for street use and best suited for track-only cars.  We are not surprised since the majority of aftermarket coil-overs a poorly engineered with the insufficient suspension travel causing bottoming, incorrect spring rates, and valving not suitable for the intended use. Not so with CorteX Xtreme-Grip shocks and struts. The Xtreme-Grip street coil-overs have been designed for maintain bump travel even with the vehicle lower, both spring rates and valving has been carefully selected for the best driving experience.  We have done more testing that just about anyone with the S197 Mustang platform and put together a variety of packages specifically tailored for everything from daily drivers to purpose built road race cars.

All front struts are available with standard tire fitment, our optional 315mm tire fitment and Camber-Caster Plates.  Racers will find the ambidextrous struts housing design convenient since the cost of carryings spares to the track is reduced.

SA = Single Adjustable
DA = Double Adjustable

Street Coil-over Package, SA– Comes with Street-valved SA front struts and SA rear shocks. This system is recommended for owners desiring a firmer ride and more control that OEM.  Most driving with is on the street with occasional track days using street tires.

Track Coil-over Package, SA– Comes with Race-valved SA front struts and SA rear shocks. This system is recommended for owners that will be spending 80-90% of their time at the track with race tires.  Spring rates and valving is optimized for performance and not comfort.

JRi SA Coil-over Package– Comes with JRi SA front struts and JRi SA rear shocks. This system is can be configured for either street or track use.  Spring rates and valving is optimized for the desired application.

JRi DA Coil-over Package– Comes with JRi DA front struts and JRi DA rear shocks.  These shocks have a wide range of adjustment suitable for a vehicle that sees the track often while also driven on the street. Spring rates are customizable depending on the primary use of the vehicle.

Other options are available using both Penske and Ohlins dampers.  Review the options below for details.

  • JRi 4-Way Remote reservoir front struts – Independent high and low speed compression and rebound adjustment
  • Ohlins 36 HMRC Double Adjustable Inverted front struts
  • Penske 7500 DA Rear Dampers
  • Penske 8300 DA Rear Dampers
  • Penske 8760 3-way Rear Dampers
  • Ohlins TTX36IL Rear Dampers
  • JRi ST08 4-way Rear Dampers

Our custom offset wheels allow you to run 18 x 10.5″ wheels and 315mm tires on all 4 corners

Check out our available wheel options in the correct fitment for use with this system.