Track Mods

For proven endurance, and podium performance in auto-cross, road-racing and on track, yet capable of the occasional street or special event use, choose a CorteX “Track” Suspension upgrade.

Pro-Level Results, DIY Ease

CorteX “Track” kits are can transform your ride into a new class of performance.

Our Xtreme-Grip™ aftermarket suspension systems are optimized for easy installation across vintage and new American Muscle, GT, and Pro Touring cars.

Watts link kit DIY ease with CorteX for Mustang
Most Xtreme-Grip™ Suspension Systems Have Bolt-On DIY Ease

CorteX Continues to Dominate on Track

Several Spec Racing Series have approved CorteX Racing Suspensions.

Compare, Track vs. Street Systems

The professional engineers at CorteX Racing designed, tested and optimized our Xtreme-Grip™ Track suspension systems for maximum handling performance. As a result, ride comfort was not the primary goal for products in this track-day/ racing class category.

Generally, track suspension systems do not use rubber or poly bushing and rely almost entirely on spherical joints and rigid connections for reduced friction and deflection.

Xtreme-GripTrack Systems:

  • Proven to carry loads of production-weight cars with sticky track tires
  • Stiffer spring rates with superior handling and response
  • Greater range of adjustment, with correct geometry

Build Partner, Expert Support

Our team can help ensure you get the proper setup for how you intend to use your car. This starts with the right equipment and can continue with tech tips to dial in next-level handling – something big retailers can’t deliver.

As drivers first-most, we have engineered, manufactured and tested our systems first hand.

Depending on a variety of factors such as type of track events (autocross; road-course), the weight and power of your car, and your driving style our experienced engineers have optimized our systems winning.

The CorteX Racing online store has numerous other aftermarket motorsports parts so we can recommend many other manufacturers’ products to complete your build.