Track Suspension


Cars that are primarily used for track days that may occasionally be driven on the street for fun or special events can consider products in the Track Suspension category. Track products are very similar to the Street Suspension components except that they generally do not use rubber or poly bushing and rely almost entirely on spherical joints and rigid connections for reduced friction and deflection in order to extract the maximum handling performance. These products are up to the task of carrying the loads produced by production-weight cars with sticky track tires. Track Suspensions also are equipped with stiffer spring rates with superior handling and response as the goal. Ride comfort was not considered during the design of products in this category. We are happy to provide consultation during your purchase to ensure you get the proper setup for how you intend to use your car. Depending on a variety of factor such as type of track events, the weight and power of your car, and your driving style we will recommend what products would help you the most based on our extensive experience.